The company

Domisi techniki LTD is a construction company with continuous and uninterrupted operation since 2000. The company holds a 2nd Class Contractors’ degree according to the Greek classification of contractors in the M.E.E.P. Our company has been ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Major areas of expertise:

  • Building construction and electromechanical installations
  • Restoration and enhancement of existing buildings and structures
  • Repairs and restoration of listed buildings and archaeological monuments


The company was founded in 1998 as DOMISI OE stuffed with civil and mechanical engineers of great experience in the construction field.

In 2001 DOMISI TECHNIKI Ltd was founded following DOMISI OE obtaining a 2nd Class Contractors’ degree, suitable for public buildings constructions.

In 2013 MOYZAKIS NIKOS company was founded with a 1st Class Contractors’ degree, suitable for public buildings constructions.

Since 1998 we have constructed many schools, offices, and have fulfilled various projects concerning infrastructure, electromechanical installations, repairs and renovation of listing buildings and monuments, etc.

Who we are

The owners and managers of DOMISI TECHNIKI Ltd, are:

  • NIKOLAOS MOYZAKIS | Mechanical Engineer
  • GEORGE PARMAGOS | Mechanical Engineer

Of great experience in both private and public buildings sectors.

DOMISI TECHNIKI Ltd is proud of its experienced personnel:

  • EMMANUEL LYDAKIS | Architect
  • CHRISTOS ZYGOURIS | Civil Engineer
  • VACONDIOS VENTOURIS | Msc Civil Engineer ΤΕ